Two Couches

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She comes through my door, her cheeks flushed. Winter is bitter cold outside, and she throws herself into my arms, looking for warmth, looking for my mouth.


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Remember being surrounded by the most awesome people you know and feeling fiercely proud to call them your friends and your lovers.

The Story of Us

By on Oct 8, 2014 | 1 comment

I hold your hands and I feel you quiver.

Your Friend And Mine

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Alice doesn’t like that I slept with her friend.

Three lights

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“I’ve missed eating you out.” “Really? Since when?” “Since… the very instant I stopped eating you out the last time.”

In The Middle

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The more casual this seems, the more comfortable he appears to be. Is that what I wanted? I didn’t want anything but a friend, so everything I get feels like an an extra.

A Shared Life

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“I’m going to have to pick up, it’s my girlfriend,” he says. He gets up to take the call, and I wait in his bed. The bed he shares with her.

Eating Together

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Wow, is this a first date? Is this our first date? It’s strange because it feels so natural to me, like we’ve doing it forever. And it’s such a sweet thing to say, coming from a guy who’s just fucked my ass raw.