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When the going gets rough and your nights are lonely, remember.

When you feel again like that child nobody wanted to play with, remember.

Remember being surrounded by the most awesome people you know and feeling fiercely proud to call them your friends and your lovers.

Remember four days in a city away from home where you arrived as shattered and battered as your suitcase and left with a happiness hangover.

Remember your first date, the uncertainty turning into desperate wanting, the scent of his skin and the intensity of his focus. Remember riding him hard and fast, eyes locked, lost in time and space. Remember holding hands in the sun and kissing and talking and trying to fit in yet more words and yet more kisses before saying goodbye.

Remember his partner, how honest and brave she was and how much you admired her for that.

Remember the sweet smell of your lady and her breast falling out of her pajamas, full of weight and flesh and wonder. The softness of her skin and her moans when she comes. Remember laying with her in bed, bodies touching, swapping stories of first times and feeling so comfortable it was like she had always been there.

Remember the two of them together, master and mistress topping a bratty slave, oh so sexy and powerful, a perfect performance of parts of themselves you had never seen before. Remember the time you almost got kicked out of a dungeon for fucking too hard.

Remember that love is abundant.

Remember that taking the leap to open up is always worth it.

Just close your eyes and remember.