Swinging For Love

By on Apr 24, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

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I see Charles pinning the new girl against the wall, kissing her deep, his hand up her skirt. My friend Pennie is her sponsor tonight: we both stand watching her moan and smile. Charles notices us, pulls back, and motions for me to take over with an inviting curtsey. I busy myself with her mouth and her breasts as Pennie unbuttons my shirt and unzips my pants.

“I don’t know if I should,” says the new girl as my friend pulls her down to her knees, but they both take turns sucking my cock enthusiastically. Other people gather around, watching the three of us intently, getting a good look of the new girl’s backside and flowing blonde hair.

“Let’s take this somewhere else,” says my friend, taking us both by the hand into a room and locking the door. There’s a swing, and we put the new girl on top of it. I remove her stockings and bury my face in her pussy. Not for long. My friend pushes me aside and takes over, and then we play musical chairs with the new girl’s body, making her suck my cock, then eating, fucking, and fingering her until she comes loud and long.

My friend, fully clothed, orchestrating the scene, looks at me and makes me lay back on the swing, legs and arms on the chains suspending it from the ceiling, my cock in their mouths. I grunt in anticipation when someone knocks and calls my name. “Hey, is that you in there?” We open the door and let my date in, eyes bright with the pleasure of finding me again, covering my mouth with kisses while the others make my insides explode. My date slurps a drop of cum from my stomach.

“He tastes so good, don’t you think?”

The new girl takes a sample. “He tastes delicious.”

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