Your Friend And Mine

By on Sep 28, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

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Alice doesn’t like that I slept with her friend.

‘I’ve needed a friend for so long. I thought I had this connection with her, now I don’t know what’s going to happen! I feel like you’re taking her away from me.’

Long distance relationships suck sometimes. I know my absence looms heavy on her long days of work and solitary dinners. I want to comfort her.

Next Saturday night, surrounded by friends, the conversation spins, ebbs and flows in a language that’s not their own. I see them catch each other from across the room, exchange a few words. Their grins flash, and they retreat to my bedroom.

They emerge an hour later, cheeks flustered, hair ruffled, breathless and giggling. My guests look at them and smile uncontrollably.

I wake up between them, two sleepyheads cradled on each side of my chest. I turn to Alice and kiss her good morning. Without a word, we busy ourselves with her friend, because giving pleasure is one of the things we’re good at. I look up and meet Alice across her body, one puffy nipple in each of our mouths. Our eyes smile over her moans.

Friends. Yes.