All The World’s A Stage

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James Blake marks the moment in indelible aural ink. My spine twists and I embrace the depth of the moaning hums with all I can offer.

Drive Home

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“God, I smell like fluids.”

“Yeah – just being in the air of that place is enough to make it soak right through your skin.”

Wild Rabbit

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I grab his hand and dismount the gym horse. We’ve sequestered ourselves in one of the side rooms of the dungeon area – though there might be a peephole, it wouldn’t surprise me – but it’s been a good half an hour, and I want to find the person I came with.

Stayin’ Alive

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He asks me to a party. A sex party at a gay bar, but with friends, who have sex with each other, sometimes, and only some of whom are gay. We’d meet a few before. We’d do lunch.