Her, Me

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I have her pinned against the wall and we are kissing like crazy. But something is not right.

“I want to fuck you, I really do. But I want it to be long, and proper, and mindful. I want to be sober and rested and able to give it my 100%. So tonight is not the night. But the next time, I want you and me to have a proper date, and have just one drink, and then go to my place.”

She says yes.

And so, a couple weeks later, we are kissing in my couch, fondling each other. Her skin is soft, her flesh warm and inviting.

“Shall we go to your room?” she asks. “Yes, please,” I say. “Let’s go now.”

Because I’ve met her just a couple months ago, but I’ve wanted this for years and years.

And then we are in my bed, naked. And I stop worrying and wondering, because the energy is there and nothing else matters. She grabs me wildly, pulling my hair. I suck, she bites, I lick, she rubs, I finger her, she tastes me.

The last time I come, I scream her name.

The last time she comes, she moans hard while I choke her.

We lay in my bed, tired, satisfied, full. I smile at her.

“You know,”  I say,  “I was so nervous about my first time with another girl.”

“Well,” she smiles back, “I guess you’ve just lost your V-card.”

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